Daughter of Putin ally killed in Moscow car blast

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Daria Dugina was born on 15 December 1992 and was a Russian journalist and political activist.

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She was the daughter of Alexander Dugin, a Russian far-right political philosopher and supporter of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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She was reportedly killed in a car bomb incident in Moscow on Saturday night (20/8/2022) local time.

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According to Russian media, the father-daughter duo was supposed to return from an event in the same car on Saturday evening, but Alexander made a last-minute change and traveled in a different car.

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The BBC said whether the target of the attack was "Putin's brain" was not yet confirmed.

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Unverified videos of the blast that killed Darya Dugin have surfaced on Telegram, in which Sikander is seen in shock at the burning wreckage of his daughter's vehicle.

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However, Russian officials have not confirmed the car explosion and the death of Darya Dugin.

image Credit: bbc.com

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